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The Altitude Initiative is proud to be supported by Surf Life Saving Queensland The Altitude Initiative is proud to be supported by Sunny Kids The Altitude Initiative is proud to be supported by Oz Runways The Altitude Initiative is proud to be supported by Bloomhill Cancer Care The Altitude Initiative is proud to be supported by Becker Helicopters Pilot Academy

Mission Statement:

The Altitude Initiative is a passionate community group, forging strong relationships with charity and aviation-based organisations to provide memorable and enriching lifetime experiences.

Our Aim:

Our aim is to give children who are doing it tough the once in a lifetime opportunity to receive a flight in a helicopter or light-plane, generally as part of an organized event. Even a few hours away from reality can make a profoundly positive impact on a child’s state of mind.

Our Vision:

The events and experiences we create involve many different parts of the community. Firstly we research different charity groups around Australia to determine if there are kids involved who would benefit from an event or experience. We reach out to the appropriate charities and offer them the opportunity to partner with an aviation company for an event or as an ongoing arrangement.

We would be unable to provide any sort of service to the charities and kids involved without the generosity and kindness of various aviation companies around Australia. These companies vary in size and capacity, and while involvement is predominantly from Helicopter operators, we also welcome fixed-wing operators to get involved. We present aviation organizations with the valuable opportunity not just to make a difference in the lives of young Australians, but also to receive exposure for their businesses and/or Not for Profit Organizations.

The media is a vital link in the chain, as their involvement and reporting on Print, Radio, and Television increases the exposure of the Charities and aviation groups involved. With increased exposure for all parties, we increase awareness of important causes and inspire the community to become involved in creating a slice of fun and escapism for kids doing it tough around the country.

Kids take to the skies

in special chopper tour

19th November 2017
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